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Volume 28 Issue 1

28(1)  February 2018 1-17 Shimon Edelman Identity, Immortality, Happiness: Pick Two
28(1)  September 2018 18-30 Allan McCay The Value of Consciousness and Free Will in a Technological Dystopia
28(1)  December 2018 31-56 Alexey Turchin Forever and Again: Necessary Conditions for “Quantum Immortality” and its Practical Implications

Volume 27 Issue 2

27(2)  August 2017 1-3 Roberto Manzocco Book review: Nietzsche and Transhumanism: Precursor or Enemy?, ed. Yunus Tuncel
27(2)  September 2017 4-11 Ivana Greguric Interview: Richard Walker, Human Brain Project
27(2)  December 2017 12-29 Aaron B. Wilson, Daniel J. Brunson The Transhumanist Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce

Volume 27 Issue 1

27(1)  February 2017 1-3 Sky Marsen Film Review: Advantageous
27(1)  June 2017 4-23 Joseph Corabi Superintelligent AI and Skepticism
27(1)  July 2017 24-42 Marcelo de Araujo Editing the Genome of Human Beings: CRISPR-Cas9 and the Ethics of Genetic Enhancement

Volume 26 Issue 2

26(2)  July 2016 1-15 Charl Linssen and Pieter Lemmens Embodiment in Whole-Brain Emulation and its Implications for Death Anxiety
26(2)  July 2016 16-30 Daryl J. Wennemann The Concept of the Posthuman: Chain of Being or Conceptual Saltus?
26(2)  August 2016 31-47 Phil Torres Agential Risks: A Comprehensive Introduction
26(2)  September 2016 48-59 Vojin Rakić, Milan M. Ćirković Confronting Existential Risks With Voluntary Moral Bioenhancement
26(2)  October 2016 60-81 Melanie Swan The Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Blockchaining Your Way into a Cloudmind
26(2)  December 2016 82-85 Thomas Damberger Book review: Stefan Lorenz Sorgner's Transhumanismus:“Die gefährlichste Idee der Welt”!? (Freiburg, Basel, Wien: Herder, 2016)

Volume 26 Issue 1

26(1)  January 2016 1-25 Nuno R. B. Martins, Wolfram Erlhagen, Robert A. Freitas, Jr. Human Connectome Mapping and Monitoring Using Neuronanorobots
26(1)  February 2016 26-49 Andrew Lockley Geoengineering: A war on climate change?
26(1)  February 2016 50-72 Ben Goertzel Infusing Advanced AGIs with Human-Like Value Systems: Two Theses
26(1)  February 2016 73-82 Nicholas Agar Don't Worry about Superintelligence
26(1)  February 2016 83-93 Stefan Lorenz Sorgner The Stoic Sage 3.0 - A Realistic Goal of Moral (Bio)Enhancement Supporters?
26(1)  March 2016 94-105 Michael A. Cerullo The Ethics of Exponential Life Extension through Brain Preservation
26(1)  March 2016 106-113 Riccardo Campa The Rise of Social Robots: A Review of the Recent Literature

Volume 25 Issue 2

25(2)  September 2015 1-2 Russell Blackford Editorial: Seven Years and Counting
25(2)  September 2015 3-13 Daryl J. Wennemann What world do we want?
25(2)  October 2015 14-24 Gabriel Stilman The Right to Our Personal Memories: Informational Self-determination and the Right to Record and Disclose Our Personal Data
25(2)  November 2015 25-38 James McBride The Advent of Postmodern Robotic Technoreligiosity
25(2)  November 2015 39-54 John Gray Cox Reframing Ethical Theory, Pedagogy, and Legislation to Bias Open Source AGI Towards Friendliness and Wisdom
25(2)  December 2015 55-87 Ben Goertzel Superintelligence: Fears, Promises and Potentials

Volume 25 Issue 1

25(1)  January 2015 1-16 Cadell Last Human Metasystem Transition (HMST) Theory
25(1)  April 2015 17-30 Francesca Minerva and Anders Sandberg Cryopreservation of Embryos and Fetuses as a Future Option for Family Planning Purposes
25(1)  May 2015 31-48 Stefan Lorenz Sorgner The Future of Education: Genetic Enhancement and Metahumanities
25(1)  June 2015 49-52 Kevin LaGrandeur Book review: Robert Ranisch and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, ed., Post- and Transhumanism: An Introduction
25(1)  June 2015 53-55 Russell Blackford Book review: Chris Abel's The Extended Self: Architecture, Memes and Minds
25(1)  June 2015 56-73 Tomislav Miletić Extraterrestrial artificial intelligences and humanity's cosmic future: Answering the Fermi paradox through the construction of a Bracewell-Von Neumann AGI
25(1)  June 2015 74-80 Marc Saner and Wendell Wallach Technological Unemployment, AI, and Workplace Standardization: The Convergence Argument

NonHuman Personhood (Volume 24 Issue 3)

24(3)  September 2014 1-3 George Dvorsky Introduction: The Struggle for NonHuman Personhood
24(3)  September 2014 4-19 Dorothy Riddle Evolving Notions of Nonhuman Personhood: Is Moral Standing Sufficient?
24(3)  September 2014 20-26 Kevin LaGrandeur Ancient Definitions of Personhood and Difficult Social Precedents: The Homunculus, the Golem, and Aristotle
24(3)  September 2014 27-34 Wynn Schwartz What Is A Person And How Can We Be Sure? A Paradigm Case Formulation
24(3)  September 2014 35-43 Karen Davis The Provocative Elitism of "Personhood" for Nonhuman Creatures in Animal Advocacy Parlance and Polemics
24(3)  September 2014 44-59 Elizabeth Oriel Whom Would Animals Designate as "Persons"? On the Avoidance of Anthropocentrism and the Inclusion of Others
24(3)  September 2014 60-64 Uta Maria Jürgens Compassionate Coexistence: Personizing the Land in Aldo Leopold's Land-Ethic
24(3)  September 2014 65-75 Melanie Swan Personhood and Subjectivation in Simondon and Heidegger
24(3)  September 2014 76-86 Amy Michelle DeBaets Can a Robot Pursue the Good? Exploring Artificial Moral Agency

Volume 24 Issue 2

24(2)  May 2014 1-16 James Steinhoff Transhumanism and Marxism: Philosophical Connections
24(2)  May 2014 17-28 Michele Rapoport Intelligent Technologies and Lost Life: Concealing/Revealing Human Absence through Technology in Three Contemporary Films
24(2)  June 2014 29-43 Marcelo de Araujo Moral Enhancement and Political Realism
24(2)  July 2014 44-62 Jesse I. Bailey Enframing the Flesh: Heidegger, Transhumanism, and the Body as "Standing Reserve"
24(2)  August 2014 63-78 Victor Yu. Argonov The Pleasure Principle as a Tool for Scientific Forecasting of Human Self-Evolution
24(2)  September 2014 79-84 Seth D. Baum Film Review: Transcendence
24(2)  September 2014 85-88 Michael E. Zimmerman Book review: Ted Chu's Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic Vision of Our Future Evolution
24(2)  September 2014 89-91 Russell Blackford Book review: Zoltan Istvan's The Transhumanist Wager
24(2)  September 2014 92-97 Woody Evans If You See a Cyborg in the Road, Kill the Buddha: Against Transcendental Transhumanism

Technological Unemployment and the Basic Income Guarantee (Volume 24 Issue 1)

24(1)  February 2014 1-4 James J. Hughes Are Technological Unemployment and a Basic Income Guarantee Inevitable or Desirable?
24(1)  February 2014 5-25 Mark Walker BIG and Technological Unemployment: Chicken Little Versus the Economists
24(1)  February 2014 26-44 Gary E. Marchant, Yvonne A. Stevens and James M. Hennessy Technology, Unemployment & Policy Options: Navigating the Transition to a Better World
24(1)  February 2014 45-61 James J. Hughes A Strategic Opening for a Basic Income Guarantee in the Global Crisis Being Created by AI, Robots, Desktop Manufacturing and BioMedicine
24(1)  February 2014 62-69 Jamie Bronstein A History of the BIG Idea: Winstanley, Paine, Skidmore and Bellamy
24(1)  February 2014 70-85 Riccardo Campa Workers and Automata: A Sociological Analysis of the Italian Case
24(1)  February 2014 86-103 Riccardo Campa Technological Growth and Unemployment: A Global Scenario Analysis
24(1)  February 2014 104-112 Katarzyna Gajewska Technological Unemployment but Still a Lot of Work: Towards Prosumerist Services of General Interest
24(1)  February 2014 113-130 John Danaher Sex Work, Technological Unemployment and the Basic Income Guarantee

Volume 23 Issue 1

23(1)  July 2013 1-13 Joseph Kirby Toward an Ecological and Cosmonautical Philosophy
23(1)  August 2013 14-18 Woody Evans Singularity Terrorism: Military Meta-Strategy in Response to Terror and Technology
23(1)  October 2013 19-30 Kyle Oskvig Harder, Faster, Stronger – Better: Aristotle's Ethics and Physical Human Enhancement
23(1)  December 2013 31-44 W.A. Borody The Japanese Roboticist Masahiro Mori's Buddhist Inspired Concept of "The Uncanny Valley"
23(1)  December 2013 45-55 Gavin G. Enck Pharmaceutically Enhancing Medical Professionals for Difficult Conversations
23(1)  December 2013 56-60 Woody Evans Swarms Are Hell: Warfare as an Anti-Transhuman Choice
23(1)  December 2013 61-64 Thomas Johnson Book review: James A. Shapiro's Evolution: A View from the 21st Century
23(1)  December 2013 65-68 Russell Blackford Book review: Mark Coeckelbergh's Human Being @ Risk: Enhancement, Technology, and the Evaluation of Vulnerability Transformations

Minds and Machines Special Issue (Volume 22 Issue 1)

22(1)  November 2011 i-ii Russell Blackford Editorial
22(1)  November 2011 1-9 Mark Coeckelbergh Vulnerable Cyborgs: Learning to Live with our Dragons
22(1)  November 2011 10-22 Corry Shores Misbehaving Machines: The Emulated Brains of Transhumanist Dreams
22(1)  November 2011 23-36 Nicholas Agar Ray Kurzweil and Uploading: Just Say No!
22(1)  November 2011 37-52 Mark Walker Personal Identity and Uploading
22(1)  November 2011 53-72 Jeff Buechner Fictional Entities and Augmented Reality: A Metaphysical Impossibility Result
22(1)  December 2011 73-80 Kim Lacey Viva Whenever: Suspended and Expanded Bodies in Time
22(1)  December 2011 81-96 James Ogilvy Human Enhancement and the Computational Metaphor
22(1)  December 2011 97-109 Laura Y. Cabrera Memory Enhancement: The Issues We Should Not Forget About
22(1)  December 2011 110-115 James Giordano and Roland Benedikter An Early - and Necessary - Flight of the Owl of Minerva: Neuroscience, Neurotechnology, Human Socio-cultural Boundaries, and the Importance of Neuroethics
22(1)  February 2012 116-131 Ben Goertzel and Joel Pitt Nine Ways to Bias Open-Source AGI Toward Friendliness
22(1)  June 2012 132-145 Matthew S. Lucas Baby Steps to Superintelligence: Neuroprosthetics and Children
22(1)  May 2013 146-148 Linda MacDonald Glenn Afterword: Minds and Machines: My Mind to Your Mind: the Melding of Minds and Machines

(Volume 21 Issue 2)

21(2)  October 2010 i Russell Blackford Editorial
21(2)  October 2010 1-19 Stefan Sorgner Beyond Humanism: Reflections on Trans- and Posthumanism
21(2)  October 2010 20-22 Edgar Dahl Gendercide? A Commentary on The Economist's Report About the Wordwide War on Baby Girls
21(2)  November 2010 23-31 Nicholas Agar Thoughts about our species’ future: themes from Humanity’s End: Why We Should Reject Radical Enhancement.
21(2)  December 2010 32-48 Daniel McIntosh
21(2)  December 2010 49-52 Jamie Bronstein Book review: Nicholas Agar's Humanity's End
21(2)  December 2010 53-62 Russell Blackford
21(2)  December 2010 63-65 Sky Marsen Film Review: Splice

Nietzsche and European Posthumanisms (Volume 21 Issue 1)

21(1)  January 2010 i-iii Russell Blackford Editorial: Nietzsche and European Posthumanisms
21(1)  January 2010 1-4 Max More The Overhuman in the Transhuman
21(1)  January 2010 5-8 Michael Hauskeller Nietzsche, the Overhuman and the Posthuman: A Reply to Stefan Sorgner
21(1)  January 2010 9-12 Bill Hibbard Nietzsche’s Overhuman is an Ideal Whereas Posthumans Will be Real
21(1)  March 2010 13-26 Ilia Stambler Life extension — a conservative enterprise? Some fin-de-sičcle and early twentieth-century precursors of transhumanism
21(1)  June 2010 27-36 David Roden Deconstruction and Excision in Philosophical Posthumanism
21(1)  June 2010 37-54 William Sims Bainbridge Burglarizing Nietzsche’s Tomb
21(1)  June 2010 55-59 Randall Mayes Book review: Robert Carlson’s Biology is Technology: The Promise, Peril, and New Business of Engineering Life
21(1)  July 2010 60-61 Marcelo Rinesi Film Review: Inception
21(1)  July 2010 62-66 Seth D. Baum and James E. Thatcher Film Review: Inception

(Volume 20 Issue 2)

20 (2)  July 2009 1-8 Kristi Scott Cheating Darwin: The Genetic and Ethical Implications of Vanity and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
20 (2)  July 2009 9-18 John Hickman Mapping a Small Moral Universe
20 (2)  August 2009 19-42 Nestor Micheli Morales Psychological and Ideological Aspects of Human Cloning: A Transition to a Transhumanist Psychology
20 (2)  November 2009 43-48 Chris Phoenix Cellular differentiation as a candidate "new technology" for the Cambrian Explosion
20 (2)  December 2009 49-69 Philippe Verdoux Transhumanism, Progress and the Future
20 (2)  December 2009 70-79 Mark Walker Uninsured, Heal Thyself, Or: A New Argument for Universal Health Care
20 (2)  December 2009 80-85 Randall Mayes Book review: David Koepsell’s Who Owns You?: The Corporate Gold-Rush to Patent Your Genes
20 (2)  December 2009 86-89 Seth D. Baum Film review: District 9

(Volume 20 Issue 1)

20 (1)  Dec 2008 i-ii Russell Blackford Editorial: Celebrating our past, imagining our future
20 (1)  Dec 2008 1-22 Eric Steinhart Teilhard de Chardin and Transhumanism
20 (1)  Dec 2008 23-28 Colin Farrelly Three Wishes
20 (1)  March 2009 29-42 Stefan Sorgner Nietzsche, the Overhuman, and Transhumanism
20 (1)  March 2009 43-50 Austin Corbett Beyond Ghost in the (Human) Shell
20 (1)  June 2009 51-60 Jamie Cullen The Three Minds Argument
20 (1)  June 2009 61-66 Russell Blackford Book review: Jerry A. Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True
20 (1)  June 2009 67-69 Marcelo Rinesi Film review: Watchmen

Becoming More Than Human: Technology and the Post-Human Condition Special Issue (Volume 19 Issue 1)

19(1)  Sep 2008 i-v Sky Marsen "Introduction"
19(1)  Sep 2008 1-2 Cory Doctorow "Leaving Behind More Than a Knucklebone"
19(1)  Sep 2008 3-7 Patrick D. Hopkins "A Moral Vision for Transhumanism"
19(1)  Sep 2008 8-16 William Sims Bainbridge "Cognitive Expansion Technologies"
19(1)  Sep 2008 17-27 Samuel H. Kenyon "Would You Still Love Me If I Was A Robot?"
19(1)  Sep 2008 28-34 Riccardo Campa "Pure Science and the Posthuman Future"
19(1)  Sep 2008 35-41 Gregory E. Jordan
[new contact]
"The Invention of Man: A Response to C. S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man"
19(1)  Sep 2008 42-50 Joseph Jackson "The Amorality of Preference: A Response to the Enemies of Enhancement"
19(1)  Sep 2008 51-61 PJ Manney "Empathy in the Time of Technology: How Storytelling is the Key to Empathy"
19(1)  Sep 2008 62-66 George Dvorsky "Better Living through Transhumanism"
19(1)  Sep 2008 67-72 Nick Bostrom "Letter from Utopia"

HETHR Special Issue (Volume 18 Issue 1)

18(1)  May 2008 i-vi James Hughes "Introduction"
18(1)  May 2008 1-9 Patrick Hopkins "Is Enhancement Worthy of Being a Right?"
18(1)  May 2008 10-26 Fritz Allhoff "Germ Line Genetic-Enhancement and Rawlsian Primary Goods"
18(1)  May 2008 27-34 Martin Gunderson "Enhancing Human Rights: How the Use of Human Rights Treaties to Prohibit Genetic Engineering Weakens Human Rights"
18(1)  May 2008 35-41 Patrick Lin and Fritz Allhoff "Against Unrestricted Human Enhancement"
18(1)  May 2008 42-49 Fred Gifford "Ethical Issues in Enhancement Research"
18(1)  May 2008 50-55 Aubrey de Grey "Our Right to Life"
18(1)  May 2008 56-69 Gregory Fowler and Kirk Allison "Technology and Citizenry: A Model for Public Consultation in Science Policy Formation"
18(1)  May 2008 70-78 Laura Colleton "The Elusive Line Between Enhancement and Therapy and Its Effects on Health Care in the U.S."
18(1)  May 2008 79-85 Anita Silvers "The right not to be normal as the essence of freedom"
18(1)  May 2008 86-93 Martin Gunderson "Genetic Engineering and the Consent of Future Persons"
18(1)  May 2008 94-107 Martine Rothblatt "Are We Transbemans Yet?"
18(1)  May 2008 108-115 Mark Walker "Cognitive Enhancement and the Identity Objection"
18(1)  May 2008 116-123 Eva Caldera "Cognitive Enhancement and Theories of Justice: Contemplating the Malleability of Nature and Self"
18(1)  May 2008 124-128 Dawn Jakubowski "Cognitive Enhancement and Liberatory Possibilities of Antidepressant Therapy"
18(1)  May 2008 129-142 George Dvorsky "All Together Now: Considerations for biologically uplifting non-human animals"

Volume 17 Issue 1

17(1)  Jan 2008 1-12 Alessandro Tomasi "The Role of Intimacy in the Evolution of Technology"
17(1)  Jan 2008 13-22 Bill Hibbard "The Technology of Mind and a New Social Contract"
17(1)  Mar 2008 23-35 Kurmo Konsa "Artificialisation Of Culture: Challenges to and from Posthumanism"
17(1)  Mar 2008 36-44 V.R. Manoj "Spiritual Transcendence in Transhumanism"
17(1)  Mar 2008 45-58 Sky Marsen "The Role of meaning in Human Thinking"
17(1)  Mar 2008 59-70 Tim Clark "Carter's Cartesian Paraphrase and 'Operational Autonomy': The Carter-Bostrom Anthropic Principle, the Principle of Mediocrity, and 'Being No One...'"
17(1)  Mar 2008 71-72 Randy Mayes A review of J. Craig Venter's A Life Decoded
17(1)  Mar 2008 73-74 Anoop Gupta Anthropocentrism revisited. A Review of Marc D. Hauser's Wild Minds
17(1)  Mar 2008 75-83 Riccardo Campa Making Science by Serendipity. A review of Robert K. Merton and Elinor Barber's The Travels and Adventures of Serendipity
17(1)  Mar 2008 84-92 Milan M. Cirkovic A review of Ian McDonald's Brasyl

Volume 16 Issue 1

16(1)  June 2007 1-97 Robert Freitas "The Ideal Gene Delivery Vector: Chromallocytes, Cell Repair Nanorobots for Chromosome Replacement Therapy"
16(1)  June 200799-126Robin Hanson, James Hughes, Michael LaTorra, David Brin, Giulio PriscoThe Hanson-Hughes Debate on "The Crack of a Future Dawn"
16(1)  June 2007127-149An Ravelingien, PhD"Xenotransplantation and the harm principle: Factoring out foreseen risk"
16(1)  June 2007151-159David Koepsell"Individual and Collective Rights in Genomic Data: Preliminary Questions"
16(1)  June 2007161-165Woody Evans"Singularity Warfare: A Bibliometric Survey of Militarized Transhumanism"
16(1)  June 2007167-170Milan M. CirkovicBook review: Justina Robson’s Natural History

Volume 15 Issue 1

15(1)  Feb 2006 1-21 William Kitchin"The Fundamental Right of Medical Necessity and Genetic Intervention for Substance Abuse"
15(1)  Feb 200623-35Gurjit Kaur,
Dr. Neena Gupta
"E-health: A New Perspective on Global Health"
15(1)  Feb 200637-50Melvin W. Barber"Abandoned Communities: The Malignant Social Consequences of Modern Technology on Communities"
15(1)  Feb 200651-53Philip Chaston"Bowling alone with Emile Durkheim"
(a response to "Abandoned Communities")
15(1)  Feb 200655-72 Gregory E. Jordan
[new contact]
"Apologia for Transhumanist Religion"
15(1)  Feb 200673-85Christopher Yorke,
Lois Rowe
"Malchronia: Cryonics and Bionics as Primitive Weapons in the War on Time"
15(1)  Feb 200687-90Jamais CascioReview:  More than Human by Ramez Naam and Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau
15(1)  Feb 200691-92 Gregory E. Jordan
[new contact]
Review: Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto by Simon Young
15(1)  Feb 200693-95Wrye SententiaReview: Rebuilt by Michael Chorost
15(1)  Feb 200697-98Brad VestReview: Fantastic Voyage by Ray Kurweil
15(1)  Feb 200699-104Frank FormanReview: Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau
15(1)  Feb 2006105-107Michael LatorraReview: The Golden Age trilogy by John C. Wright
15(1)  Feb 2006109-110David WoodReview: Better Humans edited by Paul Miller and James Wilsdon
Religion and Transhumanism Special Issue (Volume 14 Issue 2)
14(2)  Aug 2005i-xivMark Walker,
Heidi Campbell
Introduction to the Special Issue on Transhumanism and Religion
14(2)  Aug 20051-12John Hedley Brooke "Visions of Perfectibility"
14(2)  Aug 200513-28Patrick D. Hopkins "Transcending the Animal: How Transhumanism and Religion Are and Are Not Alike"
14(2)  Aug 200529-40Stephen Garner "Transhumanism and Christian Social Concern"
14(2)  Aug 200541-55Michael LaTorra "Trans-Spirit: Religion, Spirituality and Transhumanism"
14(2)  Aug 200557-75Todd Daly "Life-Extension in Transhumanist and Christian perspectives: Consonance and Conflict"t
14(2)  Aug 200577-89Oliver Krueger "Gnosis in Cyberspace? Body, Mind and Progress in Posthumanism"
14(2)  Aug 200591-100William Sims Bainbridge "The Transhuman Heresy" 
Volume 14 Issue 1
14(1)  April 20051-25Nick Bostrom "A History of Transhumanist Thought" 
14(1)  April 200527-41Robert Pepperell "Posthumans and Extended Experience" 
14(1)  April 200543-53K. Mark Smith "Saving Humanity?: Counter-arguing Posthuman Enhancement"
14(1)  April 200555-106Robert A. Freitas Jr. "Microbivores: Artificial Mechanical Phagocytes using Digest and Discharge Protocol"  
14(1)  April 2005107-117John Schloendorn "Negative Data from the Psychological Frontline"  
14(1)  April 2005119-125Frank Forman Review: Citizen Cyborg by James Hughes 
Volume 13 Issue 2

13(2)  Oct 2003


Chris Phoenix

"Design of a Primitive Nanofactory"

13(2)  Oct 2003


Andy Miah

"Be Very Afraid: Cyborg Athletes, Transhuman Ideals & Posthumanity"

13(2)  Oct 2003


William Bainbridge

"Religious Opposition to Cloning"

13(2)  Oct 2003


Hassan Masum,
Steffen Chistensen
Franz Oppacher

"The Turing Ratio: A Framework for Open-Ended Task Metrics"

13(2)  Oct 2003


Milan M. Ćirković

"On the Importance of SETI for Transhumanism"

Previous Issues

13(1)  March 2003


Linda MacDonald Glenn

"Biotechnology at the Margins of Personhood: An Evolving Legal Paradigm"

12(1) Sept 2002


Milan M.  Ćirković


"Cosmological Forecast and Its Practical Significance"

11(1) April 2002


Robert A. Freitas Jr.,

Christopher J. Phoenix

"Vasculoid: A Personal Nanomedical Appliance to Replace Human Blood" 

10(1) March 2002


Mark Walker 

"Prolegomena to Any Future Philosophy"

9(1) March 2002


Nick Bostrom

"Existential Risks Analyzing Human Extinction Scenarios and Related Hazards"

8(1) March 2002


Glenn F. Cartwright, 
Adam B.A. Finkelstein

"Second Decade Symbionics and Beyond"

7(1) Sept 2001


Robin Hanson

"How to Live in a Simulation"

6(1) July 2001


James J. Hughes

"The Future of Death: Cryonics and the Telos of Liberal Individualism"

5(1) Dec 1999


Anders Sandberg

"The Physics of Information Processing Superobjects: Daily Life Among the Jupiter Brains"

4(1) Nov 1999


John Hickman

"The Political Economy of Very Large Space Projects"

3(1) Dec 1998


Scot Badger

"An Exploratory Survey Examining the Familiarity with and Attitudes Toward Cryonic Preservation"

2(1) June 1998


Robin Hanson

"Is a singularity just around the corner? What it takes to get explosive economic growth"

1(1) March 1998


Hans Moravec

"When will computer hardware match the human brain?"



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